From event sketching to live scribing and workshop delivery, The Live Sketcher can help bring colour and a unique narrative to your event.

Bring your story to life

Event Sketching

Often called live drawing, or live illustrating, live sketching is a way to authentically capture the spirit of an event. Any event, anywhere, can be live sketched. What you get is a visual story that is completely unique to your event. There are different packages to choose from and in every case, the experience is tailored to you.

The artist's set-up is completely transportable so even if your event takes place across different locations, I can move with you. From street festivals and parades to corporate events and weddings, live sketching brings a new dynamic to your event, delighting guests and providing a legacy like no other.

Sketch package example: statement sketches and event storybook

LIVE SCRIBING / Digital Recording

Live scribing, visual note-taking, or digital recording, is used to highlight the take-home points of a speech, talk or lecture. I listen to the speaker whilst noting down the really important points you want your attendees to remember. I combine this with illustration and live sketching, drawing the speaker to create a record of the whole event which can then be sent out as an aide-memoir or even sent to those who couldn’t attend. The outcome from live scribing can also be used to create unique infographics for your organisation.


Often a useful add-on to live scribing, infographics can also be a standalone request. They’re an eye-catching and memorable way to deliver complex information or a sequence of instructions. The majority of people are visual learners and these striking graphics can help improve retention of details. They can be added to websites, social media, reports and any other informative publication.

Wedding Illustration

A wedding is a huge landmark in a couple’s journey together and each wedding is completely unique. Whether you’re joined by all your friends and family at a country mansion, invite a handful of your closest mates to a local pub or choose a romantic elopement, live sketching illustrates your day, capturing the small moments and the big.

As well as sketching the day itself, I can create takeaway guest sketches which make great thank you cards or standalone gifts.

Choose from watercolour sketches, marker sketches or digital drawings.


I create and deliver a range of workshops dependent on your needs. From quick ‘have a go’ drop in sessions combining an opportunity for attendees to sketch and be sketched, to sketching tours and corporate away days, workshops are entirely tailored to the your needs, the number of participants, location and time. Workshops can also be themed to tie in with a larger events programme.


Whatever your event, you might want takeaway sketches as part of your package. These are small sketches of just one person, or a small group of people, which guests can take home with them as a memento of their time with you.

Just like the main event or ‘statement’ sketches, these takeaways can be created using

and printed out as stickers.

Takeaway sketch example: digital sketches


Half Day event

From £400

2.5 hours of sketching - choose either takeaway sketches for your guests or larger, more detailed ‘statement’ sketches of your event.

Full Day event

From £700

5 hours of sketching (including short breaks) which can be comprised of either statement sketches, takeaway guest sketches or a combination of both.

Not-For-Profit Discount

I am keen to work with charities and not-for-profit organisations and offer sizeable discounts to those that work to make our world a better place.


“My favourite part of the mural festival has to be The Live Sketcher and her sketching of us. Rach’s skills have blown us all away and she is so suited to this niche.”

“Book her for your next big event!”

Jane Tarrant

Link Breathing

“We were so happy to have you as part of our special day. Thanks for being so easy going, and such a nice, warm, smiley presence.”

Wedding sketch feedback

Watercolour sketch

Marker sketch

Digital sketch

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About The Live Sketcher

Live sketching allows me to bring both of these elements together, celebrating people and place through art.

Since setting up The Live Sketcher, I’ve worked hard to establish a consistently high level of delivery. I work with clients to find out what’s important for them.

I always have a sketchbook on me, but when I’m not sketching (which is very rare), I can be found walking my dog, reading or attempting to look like I have some sort of sporting competency.

You can read a little more here:

Rach Faulkner


I’ve had a varied career covering law, maritime navigation and nursing, but throughout it all I have always sketched, drawn, painted and created.

In fact there have been two threads that have ran consistently throughout my life - art and people. I cherish the connections I’ve forged throughout the years, whether I’ve been working on ships or hospital wards, I’ve met wonderful people.

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